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To Turn or Not to Turn? That is the Question

In our modern way of teaching Italian rapier, the default is generally to teach the passing step with the left foot remaining turned out.  This allows for the maximum amount of reach in a single step as it allows you to continue forwards while staying profiled and not having to do much to turn theContinue reading “To Turn or Not to Turn? That is the Question”

How to Search the Manuals: A Scholar’s Journey

Sometimes you have a question, but you don’t yet have the tools to answer it.  That’s where I found myself this week when after a discussion with Guy Windsor, I found myself trying to find out when the period Italian masters moved from the idea of gioco (play) to the idea of mesura (measure).  TheContinue reading “How to Search the Manuals: A Scholar’s Journey”

Thoughts from Vancouver Part I

Back in February I had the pleasure of attending Academie Duello’s level I instructor intensive and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Over the course of five days, we spent 50 hours not only learning the fundamentals of rapier and longsword from the school’s founder, Devon Boorman, but also how to teach it all toContinue reading “Thoughts from Vancouver Part I”

The Fundamentals Are Everything

Today I relearned how to hold a sword, again. You’d think that after twelve years of rapier fencing, dozens of tournament wins, and having had the pleasure of studying under several of the world’s greatest instructors, I would have something so basic as “how to hold a sword” down at this point.  And here weContinue reading “The Fundamentals Are Everything”

The Spada Due Mani of the Anonimo Bolognese Part I: Words

The Anonimo Bolognese is a handwritten manuscript written around 1510 in Bologna that serves as a how to for a variety of weapon forms.  As of the time of me writing this, we are currently only aware of the one handwritten copy of this text which unfortunately does not list an author or exact date. Continue reading “The Spada Due Mani of the Anonimo Bolognese Part I: Words”

Slamdownfest: An Immersive A&S Experience

I’m not particularly skilled when it comes to making physical objects. Growing up, I always dreaded arts and crafts time at summer camp. It’s not that I didn’t like looking at all the nice things my friends had made, it was just that making them wasn’t something I had any interest in doing. Eventually theContinue reading “Slamdownfest: An Immersive A&S Experience”