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Guardia Mista? More Like Guardia Missed Ya!

Why a Seventeenth Century Guard is Muddling Your Decision Tree and Losing You Fights As a preface, this article is intended more as a practical lesson on how to avoid a common mistake while fencing than it is a scholar piece deciphering what the original authors meant.  The topic of this is one of theContinue reading “Guardia Mista? More Like Guardia Missed Ya!”

Slamdownfest: An Immersive A&S Experience

I’m not particularly skilled when it comes to making physical objects. Growing up, I always dreaded arts and crafts time at summer camp. It’s not that I didn’t like looking at all the nice things my friends had made, it was just that making them wasn’t something I had any interest in doing. Eventually theContinue reading “Slamdownfest: An Immersive A&S Experience”

Finish the Play

“Finish the play” is a line you’ll often hear me say while helping someone through a drill.  It’s a simple lesson, but an important one that too many folk overlook. When working on a drill, especially one that includes multiple parts, fighters often have the tendency to pause the moment they go off script andContinue reading “Finish the Play”