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The Shitty Parry Drill

This is a drill I created awhile back that I’ve found to be incredibly helpful to teach a few key concepts that are really necessary for folks to make that jump from intermediate to advanced fencers.  I’m certain other people have created this drill on their own using their own descriptions, but this is whatContinue reading “The Shitty Parry Drill”

Guardia Mista? More Like Guardia Missed Ya!

Why a Seventeenth Century Guard is Muddling Your Decision Tree and Losing You Fights As a preface, this article is intended more as a practical lesson on how to avoid a common mistake while fencing than it is a scholar piece deciphering what the original authors meant.  The topic of this is one of theContinue reading “Guardia Mista? More Like Guardia Missed Ya!”

Finish the Play

“Finish the play” is a line you’ll often hear me say while helping someone through a drill.  It’s a simple lesson, but an important one that too many folk overlook. When working on a drill, especially one that includes multiple parts, fighters often have the tendency to pause the moment they go off script andContinue reading “Finish the Play”